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Jamie Shaw Will Sleep With Husbands, Wives, And Their Kids For Drug Money

Jamie Lynn Shaw of Clearfield, Pennsylvania has an interesting past of drugs, abuse, and cheating. It’s not the fact that she has relations with men and women that is startling but, the fact she can’t be true to anyone. Jamie jumps from person to person in order to take their money, drugs, and anything else she can. Once she gets all she can from you she cheats and jumps in bed with the next fool. Not long ago one entire family was victim to her where she broke up a husband and wife. Dated the wife for a while and when she ran out of money started dating the husband. Meanwhile both of them didn’t realize she was also messing around with their son! Man or woman you’ll want to steer clear of her because she’ll cheat on you, have you pay her child support, and then move onto the next shmuck when you run out of money for her to spend. You can even find she had a felony for stolen property a few years ago by looking at state records.