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On October 18th I prepared a special dinner in my favorite WGP stainless steel pot. After cooking I placed the lip on top with burner off and within 3minutes I heard a pop and thought it was actually my microwave. What I discover was very sad as this was a special recipe of my late sister.
I have a photo to provide as I have NEVER heard of this happening before. It literally blew the handle off and landed in the sink shattering the entire glass lid. The center diameter fell into my families dinner.
Luckily my granddaughter was far enough away when it exploded that she didn’t get hit my the glass! As what glass didn’t immediately fall into our meal flew across glass my kitchen!!!

I would certainly hope this would be communicated to you and you would want to know about this defect. I hope this has been address in future products as I am reluctant to replace with the same product type.
I would like your company to refund or replace cookware.

Respecfully submitted,

Lynn Zoch
145 Philbrooke Dr
Okc, ok. 73109

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