Complaint Against a Service United States

WoodSpring Suites Lakeland

WoodSpring Suites Lakeland

Lakeland, Florida, United States of America

Other than if we happened to get one particular staffer, they were unresponsive. I called 4 times over 6 hours starting early one morning to ask for my own room number to mail something for my wife who was sleeping, and they kept making excuses for why they just couldn’t figure it out even though my name was on the itinerary.

Outside her door was needle drug use, and my latina ex-wife experienced repeated sexually threatening gestures when she was outside the building, including solicitations for prostitution. Sometimes she couldn’t sleep because of noise.

Racist like in a bad movie. Highlights include unsolicited conversations such as “You don’t belong here” and “We would have known what to do with you in the 50’s. We would string you up in a tree.” Lovely!

Staff was often smoking outside of socializing and unresponsive rather than staffing the desk, and checkout took dozens of calls to the front desk while we were standing in front of where they should be anyway. The building is pretty in the picture, but the atmosphere was of a slum with no oversight.

I would have let all of this go but after the half hour we tried to get someone to answer the phone at the front desk to let us check out and the girl finally came, we asked for a refund of the time we prepaid for that we weren’t going to stay for and was told the manager was at the hotel and to try calling him in the future. When I told her I would dispute that portion of the charge, she smiled and said that was a great idea, and I saw no indication in her eyes that she even understood or cared what I was saying.

Underscoring what I am saying, Expedia twice called and nobody bothered to pick up. Because Expedia says they have to talk to the manager, and as usual nobody was home there, they refused to give a refund or keep trying to contact them, so I am now forced to resort to filing a chargeback.

Country United States
State Florida
City Lakeland
Address 4000 N Florida Ave
Phone 1 863-284-5760