Complaint Against a Service United States

WoodSprings Suites — Discrimination, service of room

Today’s Tuesday, November 24 I was locked out of my room yesterday November 23 came down to let them know I was going to pay the 140 that I owed… but then I get told by the Mansger, Sam, that I can’t get back into my room? Because I have to pay the 140$, which I understood! But then as the badgering of the money threats to call police? Not being responsible and reasonable? Sam, the manager not standing by her word and commitment? I realized I had been discriminated against I’ve been locked out of my room and trying to hold my belongings for money?
this is against my fourth amendment right… I’m a real estate agent and I know the law! I’ve also contacted a attorney in regards to this, situation, due to being locked out of my room… discrimination, my health?
I was not allowed back in to get food a coat and gloves and a pillow and blanket because I was forced to sleep in my truck!

I am from Tennessee I just recently moved there I’m here because I have cancer just found out four months ago I have a skin condition called rosacea come to find out I also have skin cancer were supposed to get radiation every morning three times a week I missed it this morning because of the situation and my circumstances!!!
I slept in my jeep if anyone right now gets this and you’re in Indiana I’m in Whitestown Indiana it is raining and it’s cold I’ve attached a few pictures my ear is turning blue I see the Band-Aid on my face too I had a procedure done yesterday to have some cancer removed
I’ve had no food i’m cold I am tired and i’m hungry and I feel very sick I have a lot of medicine that I take which they took upon themselves to go in my room to only get my medication not my purse no coat no nothing they do not know how to run a hotel here they allow residents or guest that they choose and hang out with and do inappropriate things that they should not do

I’ve been discriminated against i’ve been told that half of this hotel owes money they are so backed up that I want money because i’ve been here so long i’ve only been here for a short period of time!
I had things stolen from me at the other hotel that I do not wish to discuss on this claim I should’ve not have happened and now i’m left out in the rain, cold, can’t get my belongings? And to be forced to sleep in my truck? It is the holidays and there’s covid-19? “which I am not using in this defense”… How can people be so cruel and then violate my rights and discriminate against me when you have half of this hotel it was a lot more money it’s not that I wasn’t going to pay
I have the money now I just couldn’t get it yesterday I had fraudulent charges done to me from the other hotel.

Sam, the manager said she would work with me until things got worked out with the money… I’m here only because, I have cancer and I have to have radiation I’ve contacted my doctor.
I contacted the Better Business Bureau this morning I’ve contacted the discrimination department.
I’m going to contact the news…
my email is BMartin [protected]
my phone number is [protected].

everything that I own is up in that room and it’s worth a whole lot more than $140!
so is my respect, my dignity, I am a human being I’m a human being with feelings I deserve respect as I give to you…

I hope to hear from someone within the next hour or so… I need to get in my room I’ve had no sleep. as I said I’m very tired, and I’m hungry, I need a bath, I need to clean my face everything that I need to clean my face is in my room? I need somebody, please call me.

help me with this because the GM here is not going to anything..
the owner John this is for himself!!!

I own my own business and I would never treat a client like this I would never treat a human being like this…
because someone doesn’t like me in there? that’s wrong? that’s discrimination!!!

I look forward to speaking to someone as soon as possible I’ve also contacted the news
Thank you