Complaint Against a Service United States

WoodSprings Suites — Front desk worker

My family and myself are staying at Colorado Springs location a gentleman at the front desk harasses us because we are other mixed race and he harasses other people that stay here of mixed races his name is Mitch I’m good myself and others have witnessed him and been harassed by him for not wearing a mask but when a white person don’t wear a mask including Mitch himself does not wear a mask he will harass people that are not white my daughter is mixed she is black and white my wife is black I am a white man but I look Spanish and he harasses me for instance I was getting in an elevator he was not wearing a mask he told me I have to wear a mask or I’m getting kicked out of the hotel I said okay I walked back to my room as I was walking away a white gentleman got in the elevator with him and was not wearing a mask he did not say one word to the white gentleman I’ve seen him harass a Mexican man for not wearing a mask then the manager that lives on the property her her husband and her daughter never wear a mask I said something to Mitch about this and he said there’s nothing I can do that he is who he is he can only ask them to put a mask on now what is right is right then he got into it with my daughter threw a masks on the floor and told her to pick it up and put it on while she had a handful of bags which is disrespectful in so many different ways and it is very unhealthy to throw a mask on a floor when we are in a pandemic then he came out of his office. In my daughter’s face and With cursing at her but right before this incident incident with my daughter the managers husband walked right past Mitch and did not have a mask on and he did not say one word to the managers husband about having a mask on another white gentleman walked right past Mitch and he did not get told to put a mask on but yet my daughter is of a mixed race and he flipped out on her through a mask on the floor which is unacceptable so how do we rectify the situation of a racist employee at your hotel discriminating against mixed races and people of different ethnicity now this is 2020 the racism needs to stop and he is very cocky and rude when he talks two people of a different ethnicity people now my name is Michael bleam my wife’s name is Stephanie Bleam my daughter’s name is Kiara Bleam we would like to know how we are going to rectify this situation I would rather go through Us corporate to handle this situation then me contacting an attorney and going above talking to you as corporate my phone number is [protected] hope to hear back from you very soon thank you very much.