Complaint Against a Service

Woodsprings Suites / Im concerned about my fiances well being.

Thursday night my fiance went down to your front desk and why she was down there waiting there was a older black gentleman yelling at your employee behind the counter. She proceeded to wait and then very gently said excuse me but can I get your help, talking to your employee and the black gentleman turned around looked at my fiance and told her that he was going to pound her face in yelling at her.

The guy behind the counter said I’m calling the cops. My fiance was scared out of her mind
came into the room and was shaking she was so scared. My fiance suffers from SVT heart palpitations is anemic and has seizures she was so scared I could not calm her down.

The gentleman behind the front desk told her she may have to talk to the cops because he’s calling them about the situation. Well he never told the cops what happened after they arrived so they just left, that was a mistake on his behalf. We were too scared to go down there when the cops were there that’s how bad this guy was.

After the cops left I walked down stairs to check and see if things cooled down and he was still yelling at your employee. So I just came back upstairs and found my wife on the floor crying shaking she was so scared. I got her to calm down and all she was saying was I want to leave, I want to leave. I got her to stay the night that night.

The next day I had to leave early in the morning and had left her by herself w my two little girls and when I arrived back at the hotel she was very scared and told me to never leave her here by herself again she was so scared still. An hour after I was gone Friday morning your general manager came to our room and was concerned about her, which I appreciate and said that that gentleman will no longer be staying here.

So I got my wife to calm down and stay put because we reserved this room four Seven Nights. She agreed even though she cannot go downstairs by herself she cannot go do laundry by herself she’s basically in a prison here when I am gone. She’s here by herself with our two children that she’s also fearing for.

Tonight is Christmas Eve and we went out to my sisters and had a very nice dinner, when we got back to the hotel I pulled in front of the back door so she could run upstairs real quick and grab a cell phone charger and she turned around and yelled my name and said for me to get over there because the same guy the black gentleman is still here at the hotel. He had looked at her when she came through the door and gave her a dirty look like frowning at her almost growling at her.

I don’t know what I have to do but I want to be relocated and I want a full reimbursement of my stay here because this has been the most uncomfortable stay I have ever had at a hotel. If I don’t get a response back from you guys I’m contacting my lawyer and I’m getting to the bottom of this.

My fiance was verbally assaulted in your lobby and it’s all on video and it’s all noted down by the person that was working behind the desk. This is BS…I’m fed up. I don’t even want to stay here anymore. I’m telling you we feel like prisoners in this room and it’s ridiculous. This man who verbally assaulted my wife needs to be kicked out of here.

I want a full reimbursement of my stay and relocated to another hotel or I will be contacting my lawyer. I don’t want to but you guys lied to us and the people that you have staying here verbally assaulted my fiance on your property you need to respond to me as soon as possible.
Thank you,

Sincerely; Kevin Dopp

WoodSprings Suites Customer Service
135 Pinnacle Drive
Johnson City, TN
United States – 37601