Complaint Against a Service United States

WoodSprings Suites — Manager

Been staying at Woodspring Suites off of Pat Booker in live oak Texas for about a month my wife and I and my two daughters got kicked out by the manager for the reason that one of my older son was warned not to go to the hotel he decided to go again and for that reason we got kicked out of the hotel I have no control over what another person wants to do he cheats on my wife with my two kids two little kids in the room from the room I’m at work my wife is plain to him about the situation of COVID-19 at a safe place at the hotel their manager did not care also he refuses to refund me my money my monthly stay by taxes adjustment was not given to me continue to charge me with taxes and when I asked to fix the adjustments he would charge me more very disappointed with management especially one that keeps our two little kids and a wife over something they have no control over