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WoodSprings Suites — Poor service / refund / I didn’t stay at hotel

I drove 2hrs to Woodsprings Suites located in Forest Hill, Texas off California Parkway. The website looked inviting but room and hallway to get to room smelled like pee and some other smell that was unbearable. The bed looked like something you would donate to a shelter. I didn’t feel comfortable having my family in a hotel that looked like that, and the people around the location made the location look unsafe. I told the black man at desk we weren’t going to stay we left key. He said he wasn’t authorized to give refunds he said the manager would be their tomorrow which was a lie. Because when I called the next day which was a Saturday the lady who answered said the manager doesn’t work on weekend. So the employees who work are dishonest. We had to go pay at another hotel located in Forest Hill. No one should have to pay for hotel stay they didn’t stay at. This hotel wouldn’t be recommended to stay unless you’re homeless or desperate. This location should be ashame of themselves and embarrassed, and have the nerve to dispute a customer that didn’t receive any satisfying service and DIDN’T STAY. I shouldn’t be forced to pay Anything.

Complaint Against a Service United States

WoodSprings Suites — Manager and on site security

The general manager her name is Amber she is very rude she is very inconsiderate she picks and chooses who can stay she stood in front of me and another gal her name is Chasity she lives in room 202 I said oh let me look and see how long he’s paid up to so when I kick him out I can keep his money well they kicked us out a day after we paid for our week and did not give us our money she’s very rude she’s very discriminative and then Jan who is the on-site so-called security who takes phone calls all night which doesn’t answer the phone she is prejudiced she’s very rude she’s very crude.. Amber general manager is very prejudiced against white people!!! They take your money and the place is filthy and discusting!!! They allow all the drug users to stay for their count to be up!!!

Complaint Against a Service United States

WoodSprings Suites — Poor security, horrible employees very dangerous hotel

This is the most disgusting, horrible poorly run hotel that I have EVER stayed in. The staff is awful and lazy and condones drug deals in the parking lot and violence against guests. The experience that I had with my one month stay at this hotel will literally scar me for life. I made at least 5 complaints about violent residents that were staying for free through 211 for months on end. They would loiter in the parking lot and do drugs and sell them. They were very racist towards other ethnicities that are staying and were paying guests. My life and my nephews life were threatened in front of the front desk employees on several occasions and not one thing was done about this. These employees names are Sherri and Kam. I complained to the manager Amber on at least 5 occasions and I was promised the police would monitor the parking lot. This NEVER occurred. I have a service animal and I was scared for my life just to walk my dog outside. I was scared to do laundry and to take out the trash. They never once offered to clean our room in 32 days of our stay. This hotel is very poorly run and managed. Please do yourself a favor and stay very very far away from this hotel. I will not rest until I put an end to the violence that I experienced. I will be reporting this to the news and filing a law suit so that no one ever experiences what my family and I experienced. If I could give zero stars I would!!!

Complaint Against a Service United States

WoodSprings Suites — Getting kicked out and the manager being racist

I’ve been renting for 3 weeks now and on my 4th week (07/10/2020) I tried to go pay for another week and the black lady at the counter started shouting at me and my boyfriend telling us that we leave our room to often and that her manager said to not rent to us anymore. They tried kicking us out 07/10/2020 but are departure was good until 07/11/2020 we showed her our receipt and she said fine we can stay until tomorrow . We walked outside smoked a cigarette went back to our room and the lady had called the cops on us. We didn’t fight or argue. We packed our stuff and proceeded to leave. Before leaving I asked the gentleman up at the front if we would get our deposit and a refund for being kicked out a whole day early he said I would have to come talk to the manager on Monday about the situation .

Complaint Against a Service United States

WoodSprings Suites — Product and service

We booked TWO rooms for a last minute family vacation and there were multiple issues.
1. $150 deposit on top of cost of room. I have never had to pay that at even a nicer hotel.
2. One of the rooms was not ready
3. A double bed room was only provided with TWO towels
4. No housekeeping
5. Stopped up toilet and we were told to go downstairs and plunge it ourselves
6. A/c didn’t work properly
7. This property does not provide anything for the “kitchen”
8. All around crappy hotel and crappy service. Very disappointed and sad that my family has to stay the rest of the duration of our vacation since over $1, 000 is wrapped up here at this awful place.

Complaint Against a Service United States

WoodSprings Suites — Everything about the hotel

Cockroaches everywhere. People doing drugs. Seen a guy come out of his room with a crushed up powdery substance on his room card. Smell of marijuana lingered across the whole floor for 5 days in a row… 2 days earlier than my check out date there was a death in the family. I paid $913 cash for 2 weeks. And they refuse to give me any of my money back to make it back home for my grandfathers death. Staff were all rude and cussing. Police presence at least 3 times in the week and 5 days i’ve been here. People up and slamming doors all hours of the night. 2 days ago a girl was raped. And the only thing the hotel did was kick out her boyfriend out. The front desk manager is rude. Doesn’t want to help anyone. All I want is a refund for the nights that I won’t be here and she got an attitude saying the only thing I could do is call corporate and I can’t get anyone to help me through them either.

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WoodSprings Suites — No refund

On thursday 8/13/2020 I checked into the woodspring suites in texas city tx for a 1 week stay. They billed my credit card $398.42 for the week. Due to a family emergency I check out friday 8/14/2020 or the very next day. They charge me $153.68 for a 2 day stay and $398.42 for a week and I was informed by the front desk and manager that the $398.42 that they charge me for the week would be refunded to my credit card in 7 to 10 business days. That was a lie. They did refund me the $153.68 for the 2 day
Stay but kept the $398.42 for the week that I never stayed. The manager informed me that they do not give refunds. That was lie because he gave me $153.68 refund. Why would you charge me for days I did not stay there. This is unethical behavior with no integrity
$398.42 charged for the 1 week stay that they kept
-$153.68 charge for the 2 days I actually stayed
But did get a refund on this amount.
They owe me $244.74

Complaint Against a Service United States

WoodSprings Suites — Left out in cold a employee

This is Michael L Parton, requesting to speak to Anudra I have issues the way I was fired an mistreated and sexually harassed. when you was active administrator I let you aware of these issues, never reported in matter of fact sir you made my job harder to deal with an out of respect to ANY BOSS I have address them as sir an you told me it was a sign of weakness, you yelled at me in front of fellow employees asking why my brother took a man to a different facility thinking my brother did it, without even investigating it! Never happen as I explained to you, not even a apologize! just like the sexual harassment was reported, every employee was aware of this even Jalisa! As my active administrator you should of reported to your boss, I felt abused an with me telling you this took a lot of courage, and then for you to walk away an not say nothing is unbelievable, then when you hired contractor to finish the out of order rooms an traveling manger Betsy came in I was told by contractor that you thought my work as bad work an maybe before I get fired I should be looking for work else where, I worked 7 days a week never missed a day for ten mo straight 4 weeks before I was fired I called hrto let them I felt I was getting fired an was told by amy I have no worries as long as I do my job I cant be fired! I will not stop until my voice is heard robert fired me an woodspring never reported my concerns nor my abuse! My voice will be heard so it never happens to another employee so much more to say not even my pto not paid an left out on the streets! No one will give me roberts boss number, robert is cruel an to know about the abuse I went threw he made sure I had no voice!

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WoodSprings Suites — Didn’t stay but was charged 352.00

FROM: Lemuel N King
2471 W Edgewater Way, #1050
Chandler, AZ 85248

TO: WoodSpring Suites Colton
2050 West Valley Road
Colton, CA, 92324

DATE: OCTOBER 19, 2020

I was emailed one of your surveys regarding my stay that I did not do; and there was no space for what was needed to be said on the survey. I would be embarrassed too, if I was an employee trying to put someone in that room.

My brother was dying and I just wanted to get to his house before he transitioned; (died)

We made reservations to stay at the WoodSpring Suites in Colton because my granddaughter had recommended it and stated it was new. I live in Arizona and travel quite a bit. I never change from the Hiltons but since she wanted us to be close to her, I agreed. I made our reservations in advance as usual and thought my wife and I would be able to check right in since we made advance reservations.

1. The person at the front desk stated that we would have to wait because it wasn’t clean.

2. That was find, we travel a lot so we understood. We left and came back 4 hours later to give them adequate time to clean.

3. I requested a non-smoking room and they promised it would be.

4. I returned a little after 4p.m to get the key and complete the transaction for the room, expecting to stay at least 3 days.

5. When we got to the room, we could spell the smoke before we entered the room. Once we got in the room it was unbearable. It was nauseating. My God, I wouldn’t allow my dog stay in that funky room. The odor was senseless and not necessary if they had cleaned it.

6. There were cigarette holes on the top dark, dirty green looking spread/blanket, cigarette holes in the chair, we were to sit in, along with the strong cigarette odor.

7. We didn’t open the suitcases or unpack anything, we turned around and went back to check out desk. We just couldn’t stay there and/or handle the spell. And I don’t think you would have been able to either.

8. The guy at the desk stated that we would still have to pay just for walking in the room. We didn’t care, at that time, we just needed to get out and go find another Hotel. We ended up imposing on my granddaughter and her family until the next morning.

9. The front office told us that they had to call the police to put a guy staying in the room before out because he wouldn’t leave. He had been there for longer than he should without paying. And that said it all; the spell, the cigarette gross smell, the color of the bedcovers, etc.

10. I could have cried because my husband was grieving for his brother, we made reservations in advance and nothing went right.

11. I will never refer any body and I mean anybody to that Hotel; and we have lots of family that live in that area.

I don’t think charging us $352.33 was fair for walking in the room and walking back out. Didn’t sit, didn’t pee, just almost threw up. Didn’t even turn back the cover because of the strong odor and color of the reused blanket.

I’m sorry but this was not sanitary and real people just don’t live like that.

You all need to check with the State of California, Hotel Compliance laws because this hotel is not in compliance.

Because of the preparation of my brother’s funeral services, I will be sending this complaint after the funeral to the proper state department branch. I will need to wait until we return to Arizona because all this is too much at one time.

If you settle this complaint with our refund, before we return back to Arizona, then it will be settled.

I am requesting the total fee that I was charged. I will wait before I send this complaint to the next step.

Lemuel N. King, Sr.

Complaint Against a Service United States

WoodSprings Suites — The manager was drunk

So I was waiting in the lobby for my wife to let me in when a lady approached me very loud and aggressively and said what are you doing. Mind you she didn’t explain she was an employee and it was 1:30am I was tired and not feeling like socializing so I just ignored her. My wife opened the door and this lady screamed at me get out of my hotel you aren’t gonna disrespect me and think you’re gonna stay here this is my hotel. I was at a loss for words I had no idea she worked there and told her she could have just told me she was the manager and I would have explained myself but she didn’t want to hear anything I had to say. She called the police on me and the police showed up and told me that this was not a isolated issue they didn’t know the exact number but he said they had been here probably a dozen times for the exact same thing. They talked to her and she agreed that I could stay but I have never been talked to like this lady talked down to me in my life my phone number isv [protected] I will tell you more if you want.