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Woolworths Australia / essentials cat litter 4.5kg

Hello my name is Jason Sillankorva and I am a loyal customer to Woolworths. I prefer Woolworths over Coles and Aldi for all my family’s weekly needs especially when it comes to our 3 cats. I came across essentials 4.5kg clumping cat litter after trying a vast variety of litter across all price ranges and found the mentioned litter to be the most cost effective for our budget.

Recently I have noticed it is not clumping the way it always has since I started using this product and that has been quite a time. I have only noticed this in the last month a suspected it might have been just a bad batch but as it is still not as effective as it once was I can’t help but ask what has changed. Any information on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Regards Jason Sillankorva.

Woolworths Australia Customer Care Service
522 – 550 Wellington Road; Mulgrave