Complaint Against a Service

Woolworths Australia / freshness of food

Hullo there. Today 27/11/18 after 6 pm I decided to visit the new Woolworths store in Dee Why NSW. It opened on Saturday 24/11/18. I am doing you a Favour by informing you of the following: Some of the prepacked Meat showed a use by date of 27/11/18.

Many of the hams showed use by dates of 5/1/19 and earlier! (if opened on Christmas Day, that doesn’t leave much eating time) The Apple Sauce, near the boxes of Always Fresh Grissini, looked stale within the jars and DId Not Show a Use By Date.

Some of the loose white potatoes for sale had green discoloration and some had brown discoloration. It was my first visit to the new store and it had been my intent to buy lots there! However, due to the unfreshness of the items mentioned I lost confidence in the quality of your merchandise on sale there.

I spent under $25 there today. I have patronized Woolworths for a long time and am not a whinger. Someone else there today rolled his eyes and said ” Fresh Food ???” When he also returned his meat back to its shelf.
Regards from Mrs.Cook

522 – 550 Wellington Road; Mulgrave