Australia Complaint Against A Cheater

Woolworths Australia — Misleading advertising

Today I shopped at Woolworths Upper Coomera (Coomera West I believe it is called). At the end of an aisle they had morning fresh dishwashing liquid on sale for 1/2 price. They only had 2 types on the display, original and ultra (both had numerous boxes of product). Both had tags in front of them saying half price.

I picked up the original type. When I went to the checkout I was charged full price – I explained that it was marked half price and the girl had someone check it out for me. The young girl came back and said it was only the ultra that was on sale and that the original was put in the wrong place. She said the tag did state ‘ultra only’. If I wanted it I would have to pay full price – I declined.

This is the THIRD time I have picked up something I believed was marked at a sale price and been charged the full price at the checkout (once was potato chips and the other time was another cleaning product). Both times they had tags in front of the product, both times I queried the price and both times was told ‘sorry, someone must have placed the product in the wrong spot.

It is obvious to me that this store is deliberately using misleading advertising/display practices to entice people to pick up more expensive items, and if anyone DOES notice the price discrepancy at the checkout they trot out the excuse of human error.

This type of practice builds a strong dislike of the Woolworths name.

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