Complaint Against a Service

Woolworths Australia — My hand bag Being searched my staff and security

At approximately 13:35 today Tuesday 17/12/2019 I had used the self service check out, I was walking out when I forgot to purchase a product from the kiosk, I was then approached by staff (3) and a security guard to empty my bags and produce a purchase receipt, this I did, I was yelled at by the security guard and told he wanted to look in my hand bag, I protested, the staff said I had to!!!
The security still insisted and wanted to look at a blue container, this contained my ready rolled smokes.
I was really upset at this as I was being treated like a criminal with shoppers staring.
I’am a 72 year old Aged Pensioner and use public transport to shop, I will not be going to Woolworths New Market again, this means i will have to travel a long distance in future to shop.
Bev Rogers
17 Duncan st Flemington Vic. 3031
Phone: [protected] or 03 [protected]

Woolworths Newmarket Victoria, Australia
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