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Woolworths Australia / No fresh produce available

I shop regularly at Woolworths in Palmyra Western Australia.
Over the last few months I have noticed several days when I have gone to buy fresh vegetables and there are none. Nothing has been restocked AT ALL. As one of these first occasions was early Sunday afternoon I assumed that there may have bee a temporary staff shortage however there have been many time snow on weekdays where this is also the case. I shop after work which means around 4:00- 5:00 pm so not so late in the day that things are left just before closing to be restocked the next morning.

I have left the shop several times now without being to buy zucchinis, cauliflower, broccoli, red onions, celery and so on. This is unacceptable and as a customer and shareholder I am really disappointed.

On one the most recent occasions I took photos to indicate what I am seeing as a customer. Please see attached. 

Julia Burns

Woolworths Australia Customer Care Service

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