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Woolworths Australia / Staff member at cash register

I was paying for my groceries at Dural Woolworths when the alarm sounded. The staff member thought it was something in my purse. Naively I didn’t realise she was looking for a stolen gift card until my son old me that later.

I handed over my purse and she removed many of my cards. It still beeped so she decided it was the label inside the purse. As it is 3 years oldI told her that was not possible or it would have happened before.She would not accept that and with great difficulty tore the label out. My notes now stick to the sticky surface. Meanwhile customers were lining up and listening.

I had my grand daughter with me, I apparently do not look like someone who would steal cards, it was so embarrassing.
To top it off I went to the library after this episode and my library card, which always lives in my purse, had disappeared.

I understand security is important at your premises but putting a grey haired grandma through this was not a proffessional exercise. I suggest staff are trained appropriately and have the ability to assess the situation a little better. It als affected the waiting customers, one who suggested laughingly that the staff member had stolen one of my notes. Not a good morning.

Woolworths Australia Customer Care Service
522 – 550 Wellington Road; Mulgrave