Complaint Against a Service

Woolworths South Africa

I called to check my balance on my woollies card and credit card, and I was told since it is handed over to a collections agency, they can’t give me the balance I have to call the agency…

My problem is why your accounts people don’t have the balance on their system or database to just give the customers when they need it regardless of it being handed over?, you like the people I have the account with must have the details for your costumes when they need it.

That makes sense to me because I opened the account with you not some third part person…and calling these different agencies has wasted my airtime time and energy they take too long to answer and it sucks cause I already wasted enough time talking to your accounts department just to be referred to someone else again.

I think you guys should have the information and be able to give the customer the balance for heaven’s sake then the details and repayment the customer can call your third part agency to discuss it. that would be most appreciated and fair to us as your customers.



27 214 079 111

93 Longmarket Street Cape Town South Africa – 800