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Kindly note that I have reserved a KIA Sportage model 2019 on AUG 05, 2018 in the authorized dealer in Egypt. However, to date, I have not received my car for an unprofessional delay.

Lately from two weeks they asked me to pay the whole amount of the car to get it out of customs and assured that I will receive it by one week. However, two weeks have passed but they called me telling me that I will have to wait for another month as the color I requested is not available in this lot( why did u ask me to cash the rest of the money then?

And when we’re asked at the color they told me that it is available) I have been through unprofessional delay and gambling process from Kia as they do not keep their word to the customers. This is totally a swindling process from Kia Egypt.

Your kind support would be highly appreciated as I have sold my car and I am now using Uber in my rides. Worth noting that I am a working mom.

1 210 640 2070

4220 Fredericksburg Road San Antonio Texas United States – 78201