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I cannot believe how horrible WES customer service is. I have phone twice to ask why the actual INITIAL review process is taking so long. First, they received my information but said it was 3-4 days later. (I tracked it and know). Then they took 3-4 weeks after receiving my information to ‘review and approve’ the information. Not sure why? No correspondence at all. Why it takes 15 business days to review 2 documents (for an MA), I cannot comprehend. Also, on the website, it says 7 days. That’s what I based my decision on to go with WES. It says 7 business days AFTER they approve the documents. That allows them an unlimited time too approve the documents before even starting any assessment. WHY? No details or correspondence. No where on the website does it say that it can take 3-6 weeks for assessors to even just review!!! This is unacceptable. Then, when I spoke with customer service, they wouldn’t couldn’t report anything more. Then the service supervisor, MIKE, was belligerent on the phone! He was aggressive and extremely rude. He couldn’t offer me any information, never apologized for the time it was taking, couldn’t tell me how to make a formal complaint. He was so incredibly rude! And unhelpful. I need this assessment and have already paid for it 2 months ago! He reported that WES does not have windows (or goals or accountability) for how long they can take! Said WES is much better than other assessors. Now WES is taking 4-6 weeks (at least Mike says) to finish an assessment? Unacceptable. AND I think they should tell people that on your website.

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