Complaint Against a Service

World Market

Let me start by stating that I love the Friendship Hights WM. This store, however, had some surprises: There is a sign at the entrance door directing customers to elevators instead of stairs: very anti-environment and anti physical activity policy (as it’s just one floor to climb).

* Went to get a bowl from the same line as some other dishes of mine. Initially I couldn’t find it, it turns out it was in a section called Entertainment. Just so you know, I had no intent to entertain anyone with that bowl.

* None of the three different sofa/laptop tables had a price tag. I typically don’t buy things if I have no idea how much they cost.

* All rugs were rolled up… would have actually been nice to look at some. But I guess I can always get a rug at the Friendship Hights store. Subpar customer service. Some service employees, e.g. I believe Rebecca clearly hates her job.

(301) 816-2480

12266-P Rockville Pike Rockville, MD 20852