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I am a owner my name is Eileen Major. I have used your services with personal choice everytime I used it something was always done wrong with reservations. This time . 3rd time totally unexceptable. My parents and I planned a trip to Sadona AZ. My father has dementia and I have a terminal illness so this trip was very important. To start we arrived at our hotel in which we had to prepare myvfsther for every detail if u are fimilar wth dementia you know routine and scheduling are very important. No rooms but one which I had to pay for because the person in personal choice messed up. That threw my dad off for the whole trip. Then sadona reservation was made a day later but we got lucky had a unit in bison for us which used more points . On our trip home back I had reservations once again had me in a totally wrong hotel . Again had to bbn use my points again for Indio. No one seems to care and I’ve paid alot to be at my level. I call but owners care says it’s the travel department. You promote using this personal choice whice is so screwed up and you cant help to recertify this screw up . For 3 days on vacation I was on the phone . I have been very happy being an owner but this is unexceptable. I will not just sit here and brush this away . I am very disappointed in the way I’m being treated and I would appreciate someone contacting me in this matter. My email [protected]

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