Complaint Against a Service


I am not going to say that World Ventures is a Scam! I can only state my experience as a WV Rep and make my complaint. A friend of mine approached me with the idea of being able to travel at 4&5 star places for 2&3 star prices. Well, I travel, so why not.

Then it was all about becoming a Rep and recruiting other people to do what I do, “Share”. It was made clear that this was not a GET RICH QUICK business and that you had to work hard to make your business successful.

Ok, I’m accustomed to working hard. Prior to a major illness, I owned my own successful business and worked twice the hours of a regular employee and sometimes more, so this was not intimidating to me. I signed up! I took this seriously, even purchasing a new MacBook Pro for presentations.

I presented the business to all my family and friends, even driving to another state to make presentations. I signed up most of my family, they TRUSTED me. And even a few of my friends. I worked this business just as the training in the back office told me in order to be successful.

This stuff is a hard sell to people that work all year for only 1-2 weeks vacation a year, they take their vacations throughout the year for different holidays and so on. Travel in this hard-pressed area is a luxury that most can’t or won’t afford.

I did the mortal sin of signing up my daughter and putting her $365.00 on my credit card. To anyone thinking of paying someone’s way just to get someone signed up, don’t do it! It’s nothing out of their pocket and most people don’t appreciate what they don’t pay for and you will be stuck paying for nothing.

One of my downline was double charged her monthly fee her first month and WV refused to refund her money. She was the smart one in the bunch, she got out right away. My upline told me that I could sell her spot to someone else for $50.00 plus the monthly fee of $65.00. I found someone that jumped at the offer.

She paid in cash, big mistake, I took the cash and used my debit card to sign her up. Then I was charged an additional $253.00 for this person, I find out that my upline was wrong He admitted that it was a mistake, and That’s ok, people make mistakes but the uplines offered to split my out of pocket with me because it was their mistake.

Never got a dime. Another Rep confided in me that when his upline entered his information into the system, he did not UNcheck the box that automatically enrolls you into the PSP program and he was charged for something he didn’t want.

But I decided to upgrade to the PSP program, I set up my own website using the information given me by WV. Any person clicking on my website was sent to a WV landing page. I was having 20-30 plus hits per day.

Guess what? Only one person opted in to the “other side” and he gave bogus information. All the while I’m still out there putting a smile on my face being really excited to get the opportunity to share this business with anyone that would take the time to listen.

Ok, so now I have used the PSP product and it was a complete waste of money the monthly fee, building a website. I even used a WV banner and place a pay per click ad on FaceBook for 7 days. Not one click. Now back to the two Reps that I used my credit and debit card for.

I couldn’t get these two reps to go into their back office and change the billing information from me to them. I contacted client services and asked them how to get them off my credit and debit card. They ignored me! After being charged for my daughter 3 months and the other 1 month, I had to cancel my credit and debit card.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear, I put those two Reps on my cards, that was my doing and it WAS a stupid thing to do that’s my fault. But WV would not help me get my cards off their account. I sent them a really cranky e-mail telling them what I thought about their service.

Only then did I get a phone call telling me the issue had been resolved. Well, it was too late! I had already went through the hassle of changing my cards. I have ordered supplies and it takes at least a month or more to get anything you order, sometimes you don’t even get what you ordered, but they have your money.

They recalled the push and play CD because one of the spokespeople made an inaccurate statement. What did they do? After the recall, they sent me the old CD’s at the regular price. My husband and I went to one of their seminars, we got so pumped up, we signed up for the Momentum seminar in Las Vegas.

After the seminar, I talked to a few of the Reps and found out that they had or are dealing with some of the same issues I was having. Darn it, I just charged $440.00 on my new credit card! As soon as I returned home, I requested a credit for the $440.00.

The computer said “your request has been submitted and you will be notified by e-mail if your request has been accepted or denied!” It’s been over a month and after two request, I still don’t have a response from them.

I noted that when at the seminar the spokesperson was clicking through the slides and when it came to the PSP product, he quickly clicked it off and said “I won’t talk about that product” then he asked, “how many of you have used the internet to develop leads?”

Almost everyone raised their hands. He said “didn’t work did it.” He also told us to forget the 4 step invite because it don’t work either. While on FaceBook one day, I noticed an ad about never cold calling or chasing leads again.

I clicked on it, read it, and guess what? Yep, WV…telling how to generate an enormous amount of leads a day using their internet system. Another monthly fee! Then another ad, Learn what the top producers don’t want you to know. Another WV ad. I’m thinking, Why the heck are we paying for these seminars if they are not telling their secret to success.

They want us to pay for it! None of their people are on the same page. My dad use to say, “Always tell the truth then you don’t have to remember what you said.” I once asked my upline “how do you deal with people that want to buy into this but really don’t have the money” I was told to tell them, surely you have something here that you can pawn!

Seriously? I’ve spent hundreds of dollars and will never recoup what I’ve spent and I’m going to sell them on something they can’t afford. I met some people that I wanted to make a donation to their household not sell them a pie in the sky dream that will never happen for them.

They work hard longs hours for what they have, and they will never be able to give this business the time or money that it takes to succeed.…I have my own personal thoughts on a lot more to do with this company

but I won’t say if you are reading this, do your research before you jump into something that a trusted friend or family member presents to you. I feel obligated to repay my people back their out of pocket because I didn’t do my homework before I jumped in and sold it to them.

I Know that there will be these people that will try and rebut this complaint, and your opinion is welcome. This is just my experience. I’m not an eloquent writer, so I hope you understand my complaint.

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