Complaint Against A Cheater Turkey

Mac Cosmetics — Undelivered order, unethical behaviour, worst customer services ever

I ordered and paid for MAC products from official MAC website online on the 29th of Dec 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey. I NEVER GOT THE ITEMS! (today is 14th of Jan 2020) After 10 days customer service called me to ask why I returned the products. I didn’t! There was no calls or warning from the shipping company they work with. They said they were gonna send them again. saying sometimes the shipping companies didn’t deliver the products, just returned them?? I went to the shipping company myself to see what happened and there was no registration in my name. Those products were never sent. Noone explained anything, noone apologized. I e-mailed Turkish MAC customer services. They only said: We sent them again. Nothing else! I waited again and still do not have the products. today I called the customer services and the lady said that they have just sent them so I cannot track its number yet and I need to wait again. No explanation, no apology again. This is like a joke! When I reminded all these to the lady, she said: Ok, sorry, anything else? IS THIS THE MAC QUALITY? DOESN’T ANYONE TRAIN OR CONTROL THOSE PEOPLE? DID I PAY ALL THIS MONEY FOR SUCH A BEHAVIOUR? WILL ANYONE FROM MAC COMPANY ANSWER ME SERIOUSLY? WILL I EVER GET MY ORDER? Order no: [protected]

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