Complaint Against a Service


I am so happy to be done with WorthTax. There is a particular attorney here who doesn’t know what he’s doing and I was told by a colleague of his to go elsewhere for an attorney to help mine with my case.

He front charged me for a Surety Bond service and never followed up with me. This led to later confusion on my end when the bond company was hunting me down for money almost a year after my mother passed. I still continue to contact him for help and he’s yet to do so.

You can’t get him to call you back either unless you complain to his boss and then his secretary sets up a phone conference. Since we did our last tax filing with them, I had questions.

He’s never responded. There are younger people at this firm who do taxes and are very helpful, but overall, it feels like there are a few people who know what they’re doing in a firm that got too big for them to manage. I am so thankful I never have to do business with this firm again.

(781) 849-7200

20 Court St Dedham, MA, 02026