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I have seen a pending complaint online that the Federal trade commission had filed against Azim Maknojia, the owner of We have suffered a cheated corporate deal by this CEO Azim Maknojia totaling $20,000,000. I would like to report a misleading nitrile glove deal totaling an offer of 2,000,000 boxes of Nitrile glove deal the CEO of this company offered us directly, totaling $20,000,000. They offered via email marketing I have the original advertisement of their email on record. We reached out to Azim directly to purchase the entire 2 million boxes offered in their email advertisement.

Azim stated that these units were already acquired by his company and en route on the way originally on his email. Then during our phone call, he said they were not even in transit yet and may need another week or two weeks to be in transit. So then we said, sure, we will still make the purchase order for those units, and Azim agreed to sell us those products verbally and promised that we would finalize a purchase agreement within 24-hours. Azim then disappeared, discontinued communication, and has not come to his company promise of sending us our invoice for the product today after verbally committing and after stating that the product is going to be ours. I am reporting this to you because it is very fishy and I believe is against business corporate regulations for Azim to have done the following:

Misled us and other customers on their email advertisement that the 2 million boxes of gloves were already en route. Then during a phone call, stated they were not going to be en route for another 1-2 weeks.

Azim committed to selling us the product and promised to complete the purchase by today and completely disappeared with absolute no communication on a $20,000,000 TRANSACTION.

Azim had requested a letter proof of funds from us to finalize the transaction – which then he disappeared after our investors prepared the funds.

Due to Azim’s misleading promise, our investors have prepared a capital fund of $20,000,000 to pay Azim’s company for the product, which Azim mislead us into this and disappeared.

Those types of practices harm hard-working companies like us and many others. We are not in business to be misled. And especially on $20,000,000 deals! Please note this information be super aware against Azim Maknojia’s companies including and a few other shady companies he runs. Thank you for your review and I hope America’s consumers and corporations are aware of activities like this.

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