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Hungry Jack’s Australia / Hair in frozen , drink, wrong orders, manager care factor

Went through the drive thru with a list as we had a large family order, the guy read it back to me, it was correct. Got home which is three suburbs away to find the order was all wrong and a hair in the frozen mango. This happened on 12/05/19 approx. 5pm. Mothers day dinner my son was paying for. 
The hair in the drink should of been enough to have ALL the order replaced but the manager insisted on pulling all the items out of 5 bags and going through the orders against the receipt and my list to see what was missing / wrong. I should not of had to sit there and do that. 
Hair in the drink is enough to know you replace the whole order not just the drink.
Triple meat and cheese x 2, one burger had 2 meet that is it, no cheese nothing .
Asked for two large chips with one of the triple meals that was missing.
Asked for whopper with cheese value meal with extra patty, no cheese at all and burger slapped together like a brick layer made it. 
Black curly hair in frozen drink. 
The manager – female no smile, no politeness, thru all in the bin in front of us said nothing as to what she was going to do about it, made it all again. Called it out again one by one, went home and YEP large chips missing.
This is not the first time at this store we have had to go back . This was an$75 odd dollar order. Christmas we came down and spent #$180 on food for relies that come down from up north that was craving it and it was totally messed up to the point two people split their meals with others just to feed them.
The point being I should not of hand to stand there for 30 mins pulling the order out one by one explaining it. Hair in drink is no brainer replace whole order in good faith. Still not happy and would like a replacement voucher for the same amount back.

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