Complaint Against A Cheater United States

Wunderland Cockers

Alice Gettelfinger, Wunderland Cockers, sold sick cocker spaniel. Dog I got was nothing like the pictures on her website. Don’t be fooled by this woman, she is and has been running a puppy mill in Southern Indiana for 25 years. The dog I got had bad ear infections, ear mites, worms, yeast infection in the toes, not socialized, agressive.

She would not let me come to her property. I had to meet her at the Walmart parking lot. Now I know why! I found these pictures on the internet!

Pathetic the way she keeps her dogs outside ! She charges up to $2000 for a cocker spaniel puppy!!!! She can’t afford better for these dogs?

She fools people into thinking she is a show breeder. HA! That is a joke. She buys other people’s show dogs and then tells people she is a show breeder! Her dogs are not show quality. She is not able to show anything she currently has bred because they are not what show dogs look like.

She pretends that they are show quality so she can ask a higher price from people who don’t know any better. Young women looking to make a few bucks from breeding fall for her line that her dogs are show quality and will produce litters that people will pay more for.

Then she tries to sell people adult female dogs that she has already bred the heck out of. She sells pregnant adult dogs full of worms and other diseases to unknowing young women trying to make a few extra bucks.

Then they get the dog and have to spend a bunch of money on vet bills and puppies die because of the worms from the mother. The worms suck the life out of a small puppy.

Run away from this bad breeder. Don’t believe her lies.

Country United States
State Indiana
City Ramsey
Address 6869 Maize Dr, SW
Phone 812-981-7805