Complaint Against a Service

Wyndham Garden Washington DC North BW Parkway

I just got an $80 voucher and an apology from I’m an extensive traveler and it’s not in my nature to complain but this is the worst hotel experience I’ve ever had.

The place is a dump and although true as advertised is only 6.1 miles from the Capitol it’s in let’s just say a rough neighborhood. There was massive confusion on check in which I’m okay with as the girl was confused and quite possible new but pleasant.

The hotel is more like a r motel, it’s very run down, outdated and downright dirty. Off of the small lobby area is cafe with a bar which spills to outside of the edifice.

The two nights I was there I heard  a loud, rowdy and apparently undisciplined crowd until about 2:00 AM and my 12 and old got to hear a lot of new words.

On my floor there appeared to be some short time visitors who were using the room for shall we say recreational reasons.

They offer a free breakfast and this is where it gets much worse. I made the mistake of eating the oatmeal and wound up with violent food poisoning.

(888) 595-9874

5811 Annapolis Road Cheverly, MD 20784