Complaint Against a Service

Xcel Energy / Breaks in service

Daily the electricity goes out forcing resets of all devices on a daily basis. Being rural should not mean rhat you have to deal with poor quality service. If the lines are that bad fix them. This has happened for years now and the excuse is always they are working on it. Security systems rely on consistent electric service as well as household functions. Excel should be ashamed of this type of service. It matters not how nice the people are that work there. Poor quality is poor quality.

Complaint Against a Service United States

Xcel Energy / digging up my yard

I came home from work today to find a giant hole in my yard and a bunch of workers. We were informed via note on door that they would be doing work but no specifics, let alone digging a giant hole in my yard. I asked what was going on and he told me. I asked if they were supposed to tell me and he said not usually. He could see my concern about the damage to my lawn and he specifically said that they would “put it back just like it was before or they would pay to have someone come do it.” I took pictures. It’s a mess. I work hard on my lawn and I don’t appreciate not being notified nor do I appreciate my lawn looking like crap and being destroyed, not to mention the trash left and my fence is now coming apart! I took pictures of all this.

Xcel Energy Customer Service

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Denver, CO
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