Complaint Against a Service USA

Xceptional Wildlife Removal

We had a buyer that was highly interested in purchasing our home, but she wanted to be sure there were no rodent issues. In an effort to support local businesses, we contacted this company because of their Kudzu ratings and wildlife biologist experience.

Their inspectors came out and basically told us there were rodents in the attic, possibly squirrels or mice. This was surprising to me as I’m often in the attic and had never seen, heard, or smelled any signs of rodent activity.

I asked that they send me the pictures that were taken during the inspection. This is where things began to take a turn.
The properties of a photograph can tell you the make/model of a camera, as well as the date/time of when a picture is taken.

What I discovered was that the picture which contained rodent droppings 1.) although similar, was not my attic; 2.) the picture was taken a month prior to this company inspecting my home. There were other random pictures of my attic (showing no signs of rodent activity) which had the correct date/time stamp, so this was an obvious attempt to mislead me into thinking we had a rodent problem.

They push very hard for service contracts, which they then make very difficult to cancel. I was skeptical about it and my skepticism was valid. Once you’ve signed up, they make it difficult for you to stop their service. I had to threaten them.

To put it simply, this company is a rip-off which caused a lot of stress for my family. And worst of all, we lost a great opportunity to sell our home because the buyer backed out after your false findings. Also, I should add that we had inspections done by two other companies just to be sure and both came back clear.