Complaint Against a Service United States

Xerly, LLC.

I received a digital message stating we are calling about the trouble related to your google account. I am having trouble with the google listings for a business i just purchased so i stayed on for the “google representative.” the unnamed representative asked me what problem i was having and he said great i can fix it for $299 if you want to go with the google package or we also have a google, bing, yahoo package…I said what are you talking about you are publishing information on my business from another business. I was then berated and told that the internet was crazy and then was told freedom of speech is part of the constitution and anybody could publish what they wanted. He even referenced pulling up to prove it. I said said if your google you should be able to take it off and as google you have a responsiblity to represent the truth of your listings. I was told it was not their problem or responsibility to remove what people freely publish no matter what it says or where it is published and told me good luck suing them, and it would be cheaper to buy the service to fix the problem than to face the legal costs to fix those mistakes. I then asked for his name and he “wasn’t liable to tell me.” i then asked if he worked for google and he said no.” i asked he worked for and he refused to tell me. I asked for a supervisor and he said he didn’t have one. I then informed him that he was misrepresenting google and subject to regulatory mandates. He then said his supervisor was at lunch. I asked for another agent and he said there weren’t any other agents. I told him i heard t least 150 people behind him and he finally said “xerly.” then he said hold on. I heard muffling and some other guy came on the same phone. He said “this is the supervisor.” i said i thought you were at lunch and would have a designated phone line. He said i walk around now what do you want. I said i want the name and location of your business and why you claim to be google and able to correct my internet problmes. He said the service is $299 if you want to buy it, do you need anything else? I said where owuld i go to file a complaint. He said “do you wnat the complaint department.”

I was put on hold and almost immediately “nathan” picked up, “what’s your complaint?” i explained that the representative was misrepresenting google and that he was yelling at me about freedome of speech. I said i want to know the name of your company, your physical or mailing address, the city and state you operate in and what regulatory agency governs your business. He said xerly, i said what, and he said xerly is the name of the company. I made him spell it. He said the representative is getting reprimanded right now, you will receive an email shortly with an apology. I said that doesn’t help, where are you located and how would i contact you for legal service. He said we have a website. I pulled it up and it listed no information. I asked again for location and he refused. He said do you want to register a complaint, i said yes, but won’t you need my email address and i need ot know where you are located so i can contact the regulatory agency. He recited my email and said he would provide no further information, so i asked for his supervisor. “david” got on the phone and said “the automated message you heard when you answered the phone did not say google!” we are terminating the representative you spoke to right now, what else can we do for you? I said i need ot know where you are located and what agency you are regulated by. He said we are not regulated and we are in the state of california. I said what city and he said california is good enough…I am temrinating this call and hung up on me.

I have been unable to reach google directly to notify them of the “certified service provider for google” and how tehy are abusing the google name.

Country United States
State California
City Newport Beach
Address 2233 W Balboa Blvd #104-210
Phone (888) 586-6007