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Yankee Candle / 14.5 ounce candle one wick jar

I have used a lot of Yankie candles over the years, all different size candle jars, votives etc. I have always had awesome clean scents without any problems. On this particular occasion I had only used the jar once, lit it and burned it for an hour or so, then a few days later I put the jar on my coffee table. Today my 4 year old grand daughter, who loves to smell all my candle scents, picked up the jar and when she took the lid off to smell, it shattered into her hands, the entire top of the jar had pieces of chards all over her little hands. Both my husband and I were there to witness this. Thankfully we are both nurses as we calmly took the candle and immediately ran an assessment on her hands, tummy, arms, feet and face. I am furious at most and would like a phone call or someone I can contact to talk about this. I am now out a $20 candle and my grand daughter is afraid to smell candles. Fortunately after the glass broke we acted quickly to make sure she was not injured being trained medical professionals, we cleaned her up and cleansed her well. There was broken glass everywhere. Any clue why a brand new candle would do this? I would appreciate another candle or 2 to replace this one. 
DeAnn K. Knight
11760 SW 24th Ter
Yukon, Ok. 73099

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