Complain Aganist a Person

Mikayelyan Institute, Yerevan, Armenia — releasing a monster (marine mkhitaryan, aka marina noble) to destroy families and careers

People, please faxmail or email all 6000+ posts (yes indeed, over 6000 posts) only in this site (as she opens countless other hate sites and puts there similar content), placed by Marina Noble (Marine Mkhitaryan) against Naira, to Marina Noble’s former and current employers and also the Watertown/MA and West Yarmouth/Police, so they will see how this m-o-n-s-t-e-r spends her day after the work (or perhaps she posts even from her work station..).

Just input the name Naira in this website’s search window to locate Marina Noble’s 6000+ defamatory posts about her. Thenn email their links or faxmail those to Marina Noble’s former employers and local police (do so, after you find about her current employer, as we assume she is unemployed and she lies about her “biopharma vigilance directorship” because she is mentally ill:

Mikayelyan Institute (Yerevan, Armenia, from where Marina Noble has been fired for sexually harassing, abusing, slandering and libeling her coworkers and also for novice performance ):
Faxmail: +374-10-282222

Bay State Cl Tr (where Marina Noble has been an office cleaner and receptionist, and was fired for slandering her coworker – another receptionist, aiming to have her replaced by her daughter, then 21 years old).
521 Mt Auburn Ave, Watertown, MA 02472
Faxmail: 617-923-0329
Email: [protected]

Watertown, US