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I am a owner of a property which was due to surrender the keys at McConnell crossing in Greensboro NC and I feel like we have been forcefully moved bullied out our home and the office mgr was very unprofessional about how to resolve the matter in order for us to stay. My husband who is the provider of this family had to step down from his job in November for medical reasons still tried to cooperate with the office even when he knew that finances was in jeopardy. We were told that we were late consistently. We even had a court date that we had no knowledge of months back for what we still dont know. After being told that the bank and community dont care about how or why it’s late regardless to other obligations that’s not a concern. Unprofessional arguments about a time frame that we stated we could pay this day was told that we had to pay on this day or couldn’t accept payments (in so many words). This has been the worst purchase I’ve ever had. After financially meeting the request of all the past due plus the month falling into was met ( with organizations helping) she then wanted us to put our mortgage and lot on bank draft and refusing to due so force us to have to turn in our keys(short version of the story)The maintenance on the yard was never done. But the day we were moving the lawn was being done.Our mortgage and lot rent were almost the same which is crazy than to go up on it for what. Looking at my pay history I see charges that I need explained because there are a lot of late fees and different amounts from our records. I did a complaint on McConnell crossing website and the property mgr tried to address me with it and I left. Then she addressed my husband over the phone also stated we dont have receipts. We turned in our keys on the 24th of January but still have not yet sign a surrender letter because no one could get the letter and notarize it. Mgr stated on Sunday that we didn’t have to wait for her but it was a third party call suppose to been made that same day. Excuse me if there is something I left out but would gladly explain anything if corporate office could give me a call [protected] or email: [protected] Thanks!

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