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YMCA / Brad Russell

May 31, 2019

To whom it may concern, 

On May 29, 2019 I was hand delivered a letter by brad russell the ceo/executive director of the Medford YMCA. He came to my current place of employment. He came with no name tag (unidentifiable) and stated to read the letter and then call him. He was very unprofessional to my employer and co-workers.

I read this letter he had given me which is due to a situation while I worked for the YMCA after school program at Griffin Creek Elementary. It involves a child and his family that was a part of the after school program while I was employed with the YMCA.

The letter is referring to a situation / dispute that I had with the father of the child on March 13, 2019 at Griffin Creek Elementary.
It refers to an on-going investigation that I am in no way a part of as I terminated my employment on or about April 4, 2019 after being interrogated everyday. It goes on to state that I was seen on camera speaking to 2 different males but not the father I am referencing. Then it states that they have an audio call from what they are saying was my 911 call regarding the situation, however I called non emergency police after being directed by my director and the mom at the time. Continuing it states that I am a (liar) and that the father is very upset about this issue and legal action is being considered against me. It states that the father has my personal information from a police report that again I never filed and then it mentions that in no way did the YMCA give the father my information. And other privileged information that is incorrect.

The YMCA is requesting a statement from me and they have in certain terms let me know this issue is not going away.
I would like to file a complaint for the following
1. Brad Russell should have never come to my new employment location
2. I don’t appreciate being called a liar in anyway
3. Giving out my personal information is not legal and would not have been given from the police 
4. Threatening me in anyway is unprofessional

I have spoken with the mother of this situation and it is confirmed there is a legal battle going on referring to custody and this has nothing to do with me.
I have a family to protect and I feel the YMCA being – Brad Russel has endangered them and myself. I am being threatened when this situation is no longer my concern because again I am no longer employed with the Medford, Oregon YMCA.

I am more than happy to send you a copy of the letter hand delivered by Brad Russell, he and anyone from the YMCA is no longer allowed at my employment location per my boss due to his unprofessionalism.

I will be seeking legal advice at this time but would prefer to resolve this in a professional matter, but I will need to speak with the boss of Brad Russell moving forward.

Thank you for your time and understanding and I hope to hear from you soon to get this situation resolved as quickly as possible. I can be reached via phone at [protected] or via mail at 800 Ellendale Dr. #73 Medford, oregon 97504

Elizabeth Orndorff

YMCA Customer Service

101 N Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL
United States – 60606+1 800 872 9622