Complaint Against a Service

Your policy on l felons / Renting a place yo live on your property

I do not understand why your company does not allow people with felons to rent or live there. Living with a felons trying to start your life over in society it’s hard enough. Without feeling like you’re discriminated against. It is hard enough for us to rent to normal apartment rentals.

To try to start over in a place like yours will be the next best thing for someone like myself. I work a nine-to-five and pay taxes like everyone else, the only difference in you and I is that I committed a crime at one point in my life. I understand that you may want to leave out all the bad people.

But there are bad people that do not commit felons. Well I don’t want to talk about you’re not being not being allowed to live there but I would like for you to reevaluate your policy and see that you could at least put a limit on the years. Thank you for reading my comment and maybe taking it into consideration
thank you
Tamika Cortez.