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YouTube — Adsense

Stop adding stuff that I hate and disapprove of ad sense. Leave it alone. Those are the type of ads that I want to see.

I’ve done everyone on my end to prevent unwanted, unwarranted, inappropriate ads even after resetting multiple times following instructions I took a whole day deleting everything and still I get inappropriate ads. It’ll be things that I hate or don’t want to see, Massive scams, Viruses, Executions, Softpornography,

I only look at a few types of things that’s it you are not swaying me into anything I am a big gamer that is the main thing I also like to see news almost nothing else matters. I want ads but I want those types of ads nothing else I don’t want to be involved in this war you have with these brands putting it into people’s faces like myself knowing it’s going to get thumbed down or disapproved. You have way too many ads to not show me the content that I would give attention to.

Also, see this text is in English it’s the only language that I speak I don’t want to see a woman wearing anything speaking a different language I don’t care if she’s the idea of beauty I’m not trying to see it. Another thing I don’t want to see an ad that is anything near the time of the video. If the video is 10 mins long I should not see 10 mins or more of ads. I constantly get ads that are longer than the video. If the video is 10 mins long and it has 5 ads all ads combined should never exceed 2 mins regardless of how many ads the video has. Whether it’s 5 or 90 ads the total time should never exceed 2 mins on a 10 mins video.

Your most successful ad that I’ve seen was a Starbucks video that was 4 seconds I’m near a Starbucks I wanted a Starbucks. One time I went to see 3 mins video because I need to know something the first ad was on a movie that was longer than the movie itself 3:16:58 I left and came back and the ad was still then I looked at the time over 3 hours I’ve never seen an ad on a T.V. that long. Then I went on to try and see 30-sec funny clip the first ad recorded execution I just watched someone get murder as an ad, Another time I go to see a 30-sec clip I see an explicit comedy ad a young girl looks underage but is not giving a handjob and treating it like a Heinz ketchup bottle though it was pornography and it was funny I did not want to see that the porn doesn’t bother me as so much it not what I’m looking for far as products or things that I want to buy. I’m a gamer I want to buy games that all I’ll buy.

Games and News is all I want in English in short ads.

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