Complaint Against a Service

Youtube / dave and ava channel, racist?

Am i reading too much in this video about the brown family been depicted with monkey faces and with no shoes, while the white have shoes and normal human face?

We were watching videos from the Dave and Ava YouTube channel and the finger family song came up, we could not help but watch keenly how the characters have been given a racist profile. The channel has very many views and to think that this has not been brought up is unbelievable. Could it be because it is a children channel and that the audience can’t tell what’s ok or not, i flung to the comment section to check if anybody else had noticed, but there is nothing to write about from there.

To be honest, i have watched it many times before, only this time i just seemed to notice.

I just want you guys to check it out and let me if it is acceptable to you…