Complaint Against a Service

Yuchengco Group Of Companies [YGC] — malayan insurance company/ my family shield

I am writing in hope of having my dilemma be resolved as soon as possible. I am also thinking or planning to file a formal complaint for Malayan Insurance Company.

It so happened that I agreed to avail of two health insurance(s) from Malayan, when their agent (a telemarketer) called me at my office contact number. She said they got my details/information from RCBC Bankard, and with my consent they will use it to approve my insurance application, furthermore, that the said two companies are sister-companies and that my informations are still secured. And so she offered the ff. plans:

My Family Shield Plus
My Family Shield Life

I agreed because the offer was appealing and I thought it was beneficial for me and my family, because I also have Insurance with other companies. The telemarketer said that the policy contract will be sent thru courier to my registered address, or that if I wish to change the address I can always call RCBC to do so. But upon calling RCBC they said it should be directly instructed to the Malayan Company, and I should call them. So I tried calling them, but it has proved to be futile because their hotline is always directed to voicemail. I tried email but I did not get a very positive or helpful reply (I will attach screenshot of email). Furthermore the agreement is that the amount of the plan which is 760/month for My Family Shield Plus and 80/month for My Family Shield Life will be automatically debited from my RCBC Flex Visa Card. Thus upon checking my latest SOA, the said amount(s) are already debited. However, 4weeks after the said insurance policy was approved, enforced, and paid, I did not receive the copy of the policy contract, or as to their name of it, the “confirmation of cover”. I tried following it up thru phone call and email but I received such alarming reply (see attached screenshot);
I was thinking, how could I receive it when I am in Marinduque and it was delivered in Cainta, Rizal. No one is living in my condo unit in Cainta. Two days before this email I, at last, had successfully reached one of their CSR thru YGC customer service hotline and asked for the change of delivery address. So it really was alarming that I should receive such reply two days after the call, and when I called the YGC customer service hotline again, I asked for the policies to be cancelled immediately, and to my surprise the csr said that I should wait at least 1 year for it to be cancelled because the policy is already enforced. He said that it is auto-renewable per year so I should call them again at least 2months before the end of the first year of contract to cancel!!! Now this has become even more alarming, the telemarketer I talked to never said anything about a 1year lock-up or whatever they call that. And I never got the copy of the contract so I know nothing of it and maybe other important disclaimers and informations. As I do believe, to buy insurance policies is upon your own discretion and free-will and to cancel is the same.

After the experiences I’ve had so far with Malayan Insurance company and their customer service, beginning from which I did not receive my policy contract, hard to call hotline number, disclaimers and important informations not entirely and thoroughly relayed, rude customer service representatives and slow response and resolutions for my concerns, I no longer think I am secured in this company. I already sent an email to to request for the cancellation of the policies last December 9, 2019, but unfortunately I receive no response regarding the cancellation until now. I would really appreciate it if they will answer and process the cancellation as soon as possible before the said amounts are debited again from my credit card.