Complaint Against a Service United States

I am a real estate broker who has used Zbuyer, a real estate lead generating company for many years between 2009 and 2017 on and off. I walked away from them in 2017 because I did not think I was getting value for money. In recent times Zbuyer through one of it’s agents, Cynthia, had been reaching out to me. She told how new and improved the service had gotten. I promised her that I would consider doing business in September.

Just after the Covid 19 lock down was lifted I started getting querries about properties in Kings and Nassau counties. I went on line and signed up for buyers and sellers in both of those two counties. By the next day I started getting buyer leads. Some of these leads, however, were in counties hundreds of miles away from those I had chosen. I reached out to an agent name Amanda who had contacted me after I signed on. I explained to her what was happening. I even complimented the company for having good buyer leads although there were problems with many of the leads. As said before they were hudreds of miles away.

I asked Amanda why I was not getting any seller leads and that I was also getting leads for counties I did not select. Further to that I was not getting any leads for one of the counties I selected. She proceeded to blaming me for the problem. I told her that I had several buyers who I was trying to help. To cut a long story short, she and her supervisor became very disrespectful and arrogant and proceeded to cancel my membership. I don’t think they are capable of providing the service they are selling. They try to off load leads that are useless because of long distances between me and the properties.

The thing I find strange about Zbuyer is they don’t have the same look and feel as the original Zbuyer 2009. It feels very amaturish and the agents and supervisors are very rude. The website bears no resemblance to the original Zbuyer. This present website does not generate a receipt so one is unable to make reference to past transactions.

Country United States
State Missouri
City Springfield
Address 901 E St Louis St
Phone 1 800-379-5559