Australia Complaint Against a Service

Zestads Limited / eve lip plumper

To whom it may concern:- I ordered the above item on the 4th of March, and as yet have not received it. My transaction number is 17143335CF527324K and my Invoice number is c5723456929851.1 – I’ll give it till this Friday the 29th of March, if ive not received my item by this time, or there is not some sort of reply as to when my item is going to be delivered, I’ll be phoning PayPal and get them to contact you for a refund. Very disappointing, as i was going to get a couple of others items from your Company, however this is just not good enough so be waiting almost 3 weeks for my item.

Kind Regards – Dianne Rowe

Complaint Against a Service United States

Zestads Limited / construction vehicles

I ordered a set of construction vehicles for my grandson and did not received what i order these pieces of junk that i received was no more than two inches and plastic I paid $24.99 plus $4.99 for shipping I want my money back I could have given my grandson some quarters for vending machine and he could have gotten a better quality of truck Don’t know why they are still selling this


Complaint Against a Service

Zestads Limited / The Amazing Flying UFO

Order “The Amazing Flying UFO” for my grandchild for Christmas while on FB paid through PayPal but not received the product yet. Hopefully, this is not a scam really peeved if it is.

Paid on 1/12/2018 and the money has come out of my account but no product. People should not post products that are not for sale if they do not want to come clean and deliver the product. I was expecting this product to give to my grandchild but now have to look for something else and at the same time be out of pocket as I can’t get my money back. W

would like somebody from “ZestAds Limited” to get in touch with me and tell me what has happened and why they are not following through with selling the product and why can’t I get my money back if said product is not for sale or is a scam.