Complaint Against a Service

Zillow — Apartment listing

I saw a rental listing on your website for a 1 bdrm, 1 bath on a horse ranch, when I looked at the pictures, I wanted to rent it immediately. I was in for a big surprise, the landlord is a disgusting, lecherous man, the apartment was so filthy, I spent the first month cleaning, scrubbing, and steam cleaning the floors; the electric stove had faulty wiring causing burners to remain on even after turned off. When I sent a written request in the 7th week of tenancy, the landlord threatened to physically kick my as* and rip my throat out. I was so unnerved, I called the police and filed a complaint. Fortunately for me, another tenant recorded his threats and emailed them to me.

He is now evicting me though I have never been late on rent.

1365 Brand Rd, Apt C, United States