Complaint Against a Service

Zillow — Apartment listing

I saw a rental listing on your website for a 1 bdrm, 1 bath on a horse ranch, when I looked at the pictures, I wanted to rent it immediately. I was in for a big surprise, the landlord is a disgusting, lecherous man, the apartment was so filthy, I spent the first month cleaning, scrubbing, and steam cleaning the floors; the electric stove had faulty wiring causing burners to remain on even after turned off. When I sent a written request in the 7th week of tenancy, the landlord threatened to physically kick my as* and rip my throat out. I was so unnerved, I called the police and filed a complaint. Fortunately for me, another tenant recorded his threats and emailed them to me.

He is now evicting me though I have never been late on rent.

1365 Brand Rd, Apt C, United States

Complaint Against a Service

Zillow — zestimate

After dozens of emails to customer service with only canned responses back and refusal to escalate issue I am writing a complaint about their zestimate of our home. For nearly three years our zestimate has continually gone up as the market has rebounded, increasing from the mid $1.3m to a high of $1.5.
As an owner my husband updated our listing written verbiage to state that the home underwent a $300k renovation. Open concept, chef’s professional kitchen with two islands, new marble floors, new and improved everything. Instead of the zestimate going up it went down in one day by nearly half a million dollrs or 33%!!! Wtf. Himes didn’t crash by that amount during the 2008 market crash!

Surely it must be a glitch, I thought. So I contacted zillow. As a chief marketing officer, formerly with usaa, whirlpool and other great companies, I expected a decent customer response, tailored to my details. Instead, email after email. I received cut and paste pat responses. On the 14th email I asked for a supervisor. This same person said that they finally looked into our particular listing and said it was based on an owner change to the listing.

Ok again, what the heck?!? You renovated a house, improved its value by investing over $300k and this algorithm decreases the zestimate by 33% and it continues to go down?!?!?!?!? This is why realtors hate zillow and now why we do too. We are just completing a $96k expansion and hit renovation of the master bath. Will that decrease our value by another half million?

I can list our house for $1.35m and have a bidding war in a week. We can easily sell north of $1.4. Your current zestimate is $989. How can you be that off??? The house at 1004 piano sold for $1.135 and your brilliant zestimate is $1.309m!!! That house has not been updated in 20 years, has a lot half the size of ours, has no real water view and by all rights would likely sell for less. But you zestimate it’s value at over $300k more than ours! What!?!

I want more than a canned response and a fix before I take this to as many forums and associations as I can

Donna samulowitz