Complaint Against a Service Saudi Arabia

ZSZR Auto Shop / a tricky salesman at ali express

This seller tricked me when I asked him for a commodity (for Toyota rav4 2014 2015 Fit aluminum rack rack aluminum rack racks only boxes Z2AAE023) dated

tracking number:

Logistics Services Company:
Aliexpress Direct ([protected])

Delivery Time:

This is followed for my tracking number LP00118553457549
Delivery succeeded

[protected]:49:00 [GMT 5]

Access to destination country

[protected]:20:00 [GMT 4]

She left the country of origin

[protected]:00:00 [GMT 8]

Shipment accepted by air carrier

[protected]:34:45 [GMT 8]

The shipment left the country of origin

[protected]:49:06 [GMT 8]

Shipment sent

[protected]:52:00 [GMT 8]

There is no way in the store country of origin

[protected]:52:00 [GMT 8]

Accepted in the consolidated warehouse.

[protected]:33:02 [GMT 8]

Issued at the screening center

[protected]:49:06 [GMT 8]

Accepted by the carrier

[protected]:52:00 [GMT 8]

Contained in the sorting center

[protected]:52:00 [GMT 8]
When the request was delayed, I opened a dispute and asked the seller to return the money. The individual replied that the item was received from me and the dispute ended and I closed because I did not receive the non-receipt
Then I was surprised that the seller sent me a car sticker for Isawai a couple of cents was received for the poster is the same date that appears in the receipt of what the seller claims to have received
Meaning that the seller sent me a sticker worth a quarter of a dollar instead of sending me a valid luggage rack aluminum alloy roof shelving boxes worth eighty – three dollars
Please take the customer service to take my right from this seller and open the dispute again as I trusted your site