Complaint Against a Service

Zumiez / Customer Service

I currently went to Zumiez at Town East Mall in Mesquite, Texas. I was searching for a shirt while I over heard the cashier and her MANAGER talking about me.

As an adult that is totally unprofessional and unacceptable. Personal problems or opinions should not be applied at work. Not only were they rude but they did not even come and help me or offered to help. When I decided to ignore the fact that they were being rude I went to go look for them so I could get help but they were gone and out of sight.

I am NEVER going back there and I will make sure to let my acquaintances know their customer service is TERRIBLE and their manager doesn’t even act like the mature adult he should be.

Zumiez Customer Service
4001 204th Street SW
Lynnwood, WA
United States – 98036
+1 877 828 6929