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If you do not spend money your chance of winning on any machine are lowered by well over half. I have stats and videos of me playing different machies to prove my point. Also the wonkaventures never work when I spin. I play high bets but no cards. When I complain they make it worse. I lost on 79% of my spins just now. 1 trillion. I have personally spent in excess of $300. Over the past 6 or 7 months. Their hook is the top 6 players in each division on Sunday nihhts get rewards. The higher you finish the more you win. In the past month I have finished 1st second second and third. I am getting less now as far as winnings then when I was in the liwer divisions. Since I have not purchased any additional chips they have it to where no matter what machine I play I lose and lose big. This is not a sour grapes complaint, when you play as much as I do you can tell. It is very obvious. If they don’t want me to play on their site, then they can give me half of my money back. Or leave the machines alone and put the odds back to where they we’re before. Please let me know something. It’s no fun knowing you have no chance to get ahead or just stay even.


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