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Talabat Middle East UAE / macdonald delivery

I placed an order via Talabat for MacDonald online by 1:13 pm, till 2:55 pm no one showed up, I called many times to follow up, 2:30 pm the driver called me speaking indian only, no english, no arabic ?

MY QUESTION IS: how he will communicate with customers? second he is new in the country and don’t know Dubai well as per him so why guys you are sending him for delivery?

he got lost and called one more time to send him location by whatsapp? and still couldn’t reach the location, 3 pm i have to cancel the order.
the problem is that I am at work and the order is for home for my kids. they were waiting for almost 2 hours, this is ridiculous, I am sorry to say that, I cant believe this kind of service / and in Dubai ?

I will not use Talabat anymore for orders and will not recommend to any of my family members or friends.

Note: I paid by Apple Pay application, need my money to be refund as soon as possible and thank you very much for your kind service!
Naima Ali


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