Complaint Against a Service United States

Tenacity Private Equity, LLC.

Ralph J. Philippi will try to make you believe and tell you grandious stories that he worked directly for and with the Rothschilds, that he was a CIA Fianancial Operative, that he worked for years from inside the Vatican for the CIA, that he was Chief Compliance Officer for the U.S. Governments NSA Trading Programs, that he worked directly under George Bush Senior, that he worked as the Chief of Staff for High Level Bank Debenture Traders, and from all of that, he transformed into the world’s most caring Humanitarian, to the less fortunate of the world.

Ralph J. Philippi will keep the lies going for as many years as required to get into a position to get himself a payday. He has an amazing imagination for making up and spinning the lies, and convincing people that he actually held those positions and had those skills.

The truth is that Ralph Philippi drives for Uber and Lyft Ride Sharing Service in San Antonio, Texas, with a vehicle he purchased from the Monies he stole from our Organization.

Beware of Ralph J. Philippi, he puts on a real good show of kindess and generosity and being your friend, your partner, and a humanitarian, but the truth is that he is a Professional Fraud, Con-Man, Imposter and Liar.

Country United States
State Texas
City San Antonio
Phone 210-929-9571