Complaint Against a Service United States

Texas SBA

Not all affiliated requested all your legal company documentations beware if they use your information, we are reporting to the Texas Attorney General to remove this fraud website they charge $395. sending fake emails never having any any intentions to get you certified please spread the word he must be stopped now.

Run from this scam company that mirrors and hacks the official state website which services for certifications are totally free and they provide assistance to fill out the certifications.

He is a thief and will not provide any services for certifications he plays on words, .us and hacking and buying domains and email addresses to get it close to the state official website, the attorney general will be alerted to remove this company from doing fraudulent practices hurting woman-owned and minority companies trying to expand share and beware, plus he sends abusive emails saying that you have abused communication to take my money never providing anything.

Country United States
State Texas
City Austin
Address 100 Congress St
Phone (512) 201 – 2827