Complaint Against a Service United States

The Fullmetal

I fell into their “free/just pay shipping” scam. I only received one item: a piece of trash wall scroll from Kazakhstan. Now, the website does specify that they ARE going to ship from their “warehouses” in China. I didn’t see that when I ordered. I also noticed that they have removed all of their Instagram posts. Is this because I recently exposed the fact that you will pay at least ten times the actual cost of the item that they will order off of AliExpress? Seriously, the Sailor Moon scroll I got is about $2 if I order it direct and they charged me I think $4.99 shipping for my “free” item they represented as authentic merchandise.

It’s usually advertised at around $20-$30!!! Insanity! My concern is that they also sell figures that cost quite a bit and I HIGHLY DOUBT their authenticity. They say that they’re the Number One Anime Store! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!! It’s all fake garbage from AliExpress!!!! Don’t trust these people! If you want the stuff they sell just buy it direct from the source in China. It’s so much cheaper and no middleman. You are NOT supporting any creators here. It’s stolen art and I’m pretty sure their figures are probably fakes, too. They represent their stuff as authentic merchandise and then send knock offs so why would it be any different for the figures?

I would never chance it. Buy from a trusted source that isn’t completely sketch like these people. You may have to pay more but that’s what happens when you buy authentic from a trusted source. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS SITE. IT’S ALL AROUND BAD NEWS. I know I may sound pretty manic here but I’ve seen a lot of “happy customer” pictures and it makes me want to tear my hair out. How much money wasted do those photos represent and how do you take advantage of people and then flaunt it like that?? Ugh. Noah, get the boat.

Country United States
State Alabama