Complaint Against a Service United States

The Home Service Club Warranty Corp

Pretty standard ripoff- claims to cover most home related issues like a warrenty would, however when you try to file a claim they will give you the run around. They will say certain issues aren’t covered, even though the contract states differently, they will take weeks and months to send a repair person out, or they will claim that it’s covered until after the repair is done and then send you the bill with some reason why they won’t actually pay for anything. Talking on the phone with customer service is a nightmare, and there is no chain of command to escalate issues to and they will do everything from talk you in circles to outright lying. And if you want to cancel your contract with them, it’s pretty much impossible to get a refund of any kind.

Furthermore- if you look up reviews of this company, there are a few websites that list mostly positive reviews. There is one specifically that The Home Service Company has on their own website that has given them awards for something or other. It’s easy to buy that this company is good, but if you scratch the surface and look through the reviews, you will notice that all the ppositive reviews are very generic, where all the negative reviews list specific and similar problems, basically exactly what I summarized above. I’m sure some people have had positive experiences with this company but I also think that a lot of the positive reviews are fake to try to outshine all the negative reviews.

Don’t waste your money with these people. There are a few more legit home warranty companies out there, so make sure to **really** do your research before choosing.

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 305 Broadway, Fl 7th
Phone 800.601.1009