Complaint Against a Service United States

The JD Collection/JustDramatik

The JD Collection / Just dramatic Problem: The JD is selling products online on Instagram and Facebook and has his wedsite but is sealing people money and not sending the products they ordered online. I had ordered a custom made top from this person. I paid months in advance and gave him my measurements. I told him I needed it by September *** 2019 and claimed he was going to ship me my item In August because he had came to Los Angeles and wanted to meet up with me to give me my item in person but then he would always have an excuse for every day I tried to meet up with him.

He flew out of LA back to New York and said he would ship my item. After that conversation he began ignoring my DM messages on Instagram and email but was always actively ONLINE. I have proof screenshots of me trying to get a hold of him and him ignoring my messages. However, he had no problem responding back to his Instagram story questions. One week before my event I asked if I could get my money back and continue ignoring me. So he posted that he was having a Labor Day sale, so I commend on this post saying.. ” so you can take new orders in but can’t even give my order on time that I paid for months in advance” ? He blocked me off everything after that and didn’t give me money.

I later found reviews of his shop online and they also didn’t get their orders and basically the same thing that happens to me. Update: it’s 10/17/20 almost a year later and I still haven’t received a refund but he’s posting new products and new designs I can’t believe people are supporting a crooked businessman! I’m looking into filing legal action against him when I catch him in Downtown LA I already know where he buys his fabrics! He just ignored me and when I got his attention and put something negative as a comment he blocked me! It’s been a year he hasn’t gave me a refund or my merchandise!

Country United States
State New York
City Yonkers
Address 73 Highland Ave #1E